about us

We are your digital solution agency that puts great outside-the-box ideas into action to drive business success and create successful people. We work in New Zealand (the birthplace of DMM), in Australia, USA and the UK - and anywhere that our unique services are required!

We deliver solutions to create successful BRANDS

We make beautiful, practical and meaningful solutions that fit your business and unique identity.

Our Central Ethic: Customer Satisfaction

At Dynamic Multi Media, we recognise that the strength of the partnership between us and our clients depends on our ability to deliver what they want and what will work for them. We are not a business that focuses on making as many sales as quickly as possible, instead, we commit ourselves to our clients’ goals and wishes and work to develop a relationship that will allow us to bring them to fruition. We will customise the material we produce for you based on your needs and see that these are met, creating a long-lasting partnership that will benefit your business and ours well into the future.

Get in touch 0064 3 972 0997 or email sales@dmm.net.nz