meet the team

With our team of 8; designer boffins, web masters, 3D artists and photographers, we will take on your project with enthusiasm and follow through with gusto.

Dominic Frizzell


Dominic is the driving force behind DMM, carrying on the company's visionary legacy. Born with an eye for detail and aesthetically pleasing designs, Dom is a visual artist who sees things in epic proportions. A bit of a perfectionist, he sets high standards and his work speaks for itself, see with your own eyes! While most at home behind his camera, Dominic is always pushing his skills to the next level, researching the latest developments and keeping up with the always changing world of digital solutions.

A driven personality driving our business and systems forward, not only by giving us great imagery, but knowing exactly what our clients will need to get their business noticed!

Vanessa Frizzell


Vanessa is the Creative Director here at DMM. She loves to help others so coupled with this and her commitment to the fight against bad design she is the chosen one to manage our team of designers.

Using her negotiation and people skills she steers the design team, getting our projects completed with strategy and style.

Vanessa’s sunny personality and limitless list of great ideas make her a joy to be around... and a valuable member to our agency team.