Timelapse Videos & Timelapse Cameras

Blenheim long termlapse (over two days)

A time lapse of the Mcdonalds drive thru in Blenheim, can you spot anyone you know !

Taken with one of our new timelapse cameras that can take images for up to three months!

Long term project recording. Buy yours now, camera packages from $699

The Time Lapse Video Camera kit is the easiest way to record any building or projects you may have. Set and forget it, its that easy. Get a time lapse video recorded at the rate you want, and played back at the rate you want when the project is done.

Worker friendly, Easy to set up.

No Professional photographer is needed to setup and operate or relocate the camera. 
Any worker will be able to get the job done.

Amazing 2.5 months battery life.

World record long term battery operated construction camera with outstanding

2.5 months  of battery life (@ time interval: 30 mins )

Instant Time lapse video

The Construction camera delivers proprietary “Instant video” which means you can play the time lapse video on the spot once fliming is completed. No Giga bytes fat files to transfer, video editing or even post processing. The most effortless way of recording any construction project

140deg super wide angle lens

The 140 degree field of view allows you to capture more of the panoramic construction site equally and simply

f1.2 aspherical glass lens

The f1.2 extra low light lens allows you to capture in lower light, and see the details normally lost in the dark.

Dust proof, weather resistant housing

Yes, we know most building sites are outdoors, to let you capture your entire project outdoors in any weather, we provide a weather housing to protect the camera.

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also check our some others we have done on other cameras below

Landscapes Timelapse

Timelapses of various places around New Zealand

Blenheim to Christchurch Timelapse

An interesting timelapse at dawn traveling from Blenheim to Christchurch.