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DMM’s Website Marketing service drives qualified traffic to your website. We use the Google Ads targeted advertising programme, as well as effective and proven Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to help you climb the rankings for your best keywords in Google Organic Search results pages.

Cutting through the online competition using the best practice techniques described by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google Ads advertising policies is what we excel at. We’ve been approved as Google Certified Partners in Google Ads due to our qualifications and experience with the programme.

Entrust the responsibility for ensuring your customers find your website, and find what they are looking for on it, to DMM. We use creative solutions and dedicated, well researched hard work, with clear weekly and monthly reporting, to ensure your online presence delivers results for your business.

~ Read the Google Ads Advertiser Guide: Working with Third Parties on what to expect from the Google Ads Management service.

What is Google Ads?

We’ve found Google Ads to be a very successful and direct method for attracting customers to your website. Every time a Google search is performed, Google selects a number of Google Ads to display along with the organic search results.

Google uses a complex system to choose and rank which ads appear in which order for each search, by using our Website Marketing Service, your business will benefit from the skills and knowledge we’ve developed in managing many different accounts for various businesses.
Doing Google Ads right, means you can rank high up in your market on Google Search and we will ensure that you have the right ads, the right keywords and economical bid settings to get the most bang for your buck!

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is all about developing your website’s structure and content to make it Google-friendly, therefore raising its performance in the biggest search engine in the world, as well as others.

Gone are the days when search engine success was brought by adding a myriad of links to your website, Google is constantly refining their search algorithm and content is now king. Having all the right keywords in the right places and regularly updated and ‘natural,’ unique content are the keys in the modern world to SEO success, and we have the tools and expertise to evaluate and manage your website’s content to get the best out of your search engine performance.

In concert with Google Adwords, our website marketing can help you gain a commanding presence in the best online searches. 

What we will do

DMM will provide full, professional and transparent management of your Google Adwords advertising campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation that will improve your rankings for the most important and productive keywords that relate to your site.

Google Ads Reporting includes weekly summaries of Google Ads activity and monthly analysis reports that present the full statistics from your account for the given month.

Search Engine Optimisation reporting includes bi-monthly reporting of your keyword rankings and monthly analysis reports of your website’s traffic, interaction rates, conversions, general activity and so much more.

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