DMM have the equipment and skills to deliver on a wide range of photographic and video needs needs

Our photography services can provide you with all kinds of product images - from electronic gadgets and wine selections through to beds and office furniture. Better yet, we come to you with our mobile studio equipment.

We are able to undertake any professional retouching; removing blemishes and wrinkles, dents and scratches or superimpose multiple images. The results will blow you away!

Giving an ultra-professional look to your products when used in your marketing materials gives your audience the best representation possible.

Our new Drone photography offers you a diverse array of options in how to present your destination, products or location. Using the best in aerial technology, we can produce incredibly detailed and dynamic imagery in a very cost-effective way. Drone technology can allow shots to be taken from positions near impossible with hand-held cameras, giving you a unique perspective to use in your marketing. 

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