strategic solutions

Lock in a culture of growth and success within your business by engaging with us on your strategic marketing programme. Our people are known for delivering the right mix of understanding, common sense, creativity, and resourcefulness, using their knowledge, skills, education and experience to evaluate your market and identify the pathways to sustainable success.

We institute a six-month programme involving market research, workshops with business owners and staff, development of marketing and sales plans and advice on their implementation.

We guide you through the stages of analysis, strategic planning and implementation and work with you to ensure a strong and customised strategy for your business that fits your goals and objectives.

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We realise that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! We work with you to decipher your ultimate offering and where your ideals are and what direction you’re headed.


Using all our expertise with our team of specialists, we will work with your team to develop strategies that lead to an effective and targeted plan.

market research

Working closely with your senior team we will analyse your market place. We’ll then identify any growth opportunities and obstacles you may need to overcome.


Using your new growth plan, DMM’s creative team will create sales resources and material to help achieve your business goals.


We will help you to manage and action your plan